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Client Profile: The Comphy Company

About The Comphy Company

Comphy Company made a name for themselves producing high quality, luxurious spa linens used in resorts across the country. They decided to take their incredible fabric products to the general public and now produce a full line of bedding products for the home. Their soft microfiber is used for everything from pillowcases and linens to comforters and bedskirts. 

Comphy Company has expanded their line to include products for spas, resorts, inns, hotels, and home use. They even carry a line of gift shop products so people who enjoyed a great night's sleep on Comphy sheets can take a little luxury home with them.

Contact The Comphy Company

7034 Portal Way #110
Ferndale, WA 98248

PHONE: (323) 225-8234

ONLINE: http://www.comphy.com/

Client Projects

Amazing Stories
Dynamic eCommerce Site Development

Comphy Company had been dealing with an inferior website developer for over a year and still did not have a fully functional ecommerce website. Tired of waiting around, they needed someone who could recover their assets and hit the ground running.

When Comphy Company contacted us, we promptly took over control of their website development. Starting from scratch, we were able to get their website up and rolling in a matter of months. This was no simple commerce site either.  There was a large catalog of products, and each item had multiple size and color options.

The most impressive feature of the site is the "build a bed" module. Users are able to select multiple different options for sheets, comforters, bedskirts, and more and preview them in real time in a digital rendering. This is immensely helpful to their customers and aids in the ultimate buying decision.

Since development was completed, this website has been reaching over $80,000 per month in revenue.

Amazing Stories
eCommerce Site Development

Spalena is a division of Comphy Company that makes sheets exclusively branded for Costco trunk shows. Once the series of traveling shows came to an end, Comphy was left with surplus merchandise and no venue to sell it. 

Comphy approached us to build a small ecommerce website to off load their extra products. In under six weeks, we had the website online and ready to take orders. It is a simple interface, but covers all that they needed to promote and selling the remaining Spalena products.

Once the website launched, it saw tremendous success. In fact, Comphy has remanufactured several sizes and colors in order to continue offering the full line.

Amazing Stories
eCommerce Website Design

Comphy Company has always worked with other retailers to cross sell items that complement their line of microfiber sheets. They wanted an ecommerce site that could aid in selling these other items, but wouldn't interfere with their primary business on the main Comphy Company website.

My Favorite Things For Home was designed to fill this need. This basic ecommerce website offers several products from partner retailers that can be drop shipped to the customer.

Comphy Company can easily add new products and partners to the website as needed.

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