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Robert Carrier, AKA:Crackerjack

Marketing Specialist

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it. Robert's 33 years in the marketing communications business has earned him the right to say that. But, never one to rest on the past, Robert's vision for the future of marketing and how design and technology will work together to change the way marketing is done is his strong suit. Our growing digital marketing agency is evidence of this vision.

At the office, nearly every aspect of our mighty list of of services and solutions are somewhere in his wheelhouse. Managing sales, marketing, creative and strategy for both our business and our clients is a tall enough order, but it doesn't end there. He gets his hands dirty with every project, adding his own creative sense and writing line after line of code wherever he's needed.

Though Robert enjoys his home life, working around his house, and entertaining friends over huge meals he prepares himself, the love for the work never leaves him. Most nights you'll find him answering calls from our West Coast clients, and managing our global development team, many of which start their day about the same time most here are calling it a night.

Give Robert a ring for any marketing need and turn him loose on the project. You'll learn real fast why they call him Crackerjack.

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