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Raven Tools

With four functions in one, Raven Tools includes:

  • SEO Software
    Organic search might be the hardest marketing mystery to solve.
    And that’s why we love Raven—we can obsess about details without having to do grunt work. Raven collects, organizes and automates everything from data to contacts to reports.
  • Social Media Management
    There’s more to social media management than updating Facebook.
    But how can we prove it? Smart social media marketers use Raven to manage multiple accounts, monitor brand terms and, most importantly, report on the business results of their work.
  • Content Marketing
    Create content that people want to share.
    If you’re eager to adopt that philosophy, Raven has tools to organize your content marketing. In one place, we can hire freelancers, get SEO analyses, publish to WordPress, share content and track links.
  • PPC Management
    PPC professionals can’t afford to make mistakes.
    Raven’s Google AdWords tools troubleshoot problem areas in moments—and, of course, give us a place to manage and report AdWords campaigns alongside other online marketing.


By publishing content that shows buyers you understand their problems and can show them how to solve them, you build credibility.

Ardath Albee – Author of Emarketing Strategies For The Complex Sale


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